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“Part of the soul,” says Pliny the Elder, “resides in the eye-brows, which move at the command of the will.”

This product takes a little bit of practice to master where less is more and a small applicator is needed.

Ingredients: Activated Charcoal, Eau De Cologne, Organic Bees Wax, Organic Almond Oil, Balsam Peru, Organic Jojoba Oil,

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Ā Historical texts will always tell you that it is a wonderful remedy to help see clearly and to brighten the eyes. Well there is some truth to that. Most of us when we look in the mirror have red eyes. Our eye whites are not clear and white. But using the charcoal – it will clean your eyes and remove impurities which causes the whites to redden and yellow. This is one of the “tricks” that help the eye look blue or give the blueish tint they keep talking about.

These products are created from original historically reproduced recipes carefully researched and lovingly made from the preserved archives of apothecaries, perfumers, ancient herbalists and the curators of medicinal wares as early as the 1300’s. Brought to you by LBCC HISTORICAL PRODUCTS, these ancient elixirs combine the wisdom of the past with the celestial magic of herbal alchemists that defies time.

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