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Invigorating luxurious floral water recipes enjoyed by Marie Antoinette, Napoleon and Cleopatra.

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Ladies Fine Toner: used in the early 18th century Ingredients: Pennyroyal, Rose, Spikenard, Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme, Chamomile, Sage, Alcohol, Marjoram.

Lemon Facial Scrub: Used in 1772 for those with oily skin. Ingredients: Roasted Lemon, Sea Salt, Olive Oil, Lemongrass oil, lime oil, Lemon Oil, Sugar, Vitamin E.

Rose Cold Cream: Used in 1901. Ingredients: Pure rose oil, vegetable glycerine, almond oil, beeswax

Rose Facial Soap: Olive Oil, Rose water, bergamot essential oil, clove essential oil, otto rose Bulgarian, Distilled water, clean rendered organic beef tallow, coconut oil, cinnamon, cassia essential oil.

These products are created from original historically reproduced recipes carefully researched and lovingly made from the preserved archives of apothecaries, perfumers, ancient herbalists and the curators of medicinal wares as early as the 1300’s. Brought to you by LBCC HISTORICAL PRODUCTS, these ancient elixirs combine the wisdom of the past with the celestial magic of herbal alchemists that defies time.

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