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101 Uses for a Shaker Bon Bon


Back by popular demand everyone’s favourite little household helper; the Shaker Bon Bon.  These little 500 gram shakers are filled with the mighty power of baking soda.  They are supercharged odor fighters blended with essential oils to give a fresh scent.   You are probably familiar with a few of these little tips and tricks to keep your home clean with something green.


101 uses for a Shaker Bon Bon

  1. Deodorize diaper pail; sprinkle
  2. Deodorize carpet; sprinkle and vacuum after 15mins
  3. Clean drains; 4 tbsp. with hot water/vinegar rpt
  4. Shine sinks; 2 tbsp. rub with a cloth and some hot water, rinse.
  5. Shine jewelry; 1 tbsp. with lemon juice
  6. Clean coffee/tea mugs; 1 tbsp. hot water let sit
  7. Wallpaper; make a paste and apply to area wipe away
  8. Shine porcelain; sprinkle in toilet or bathtub add hot water and scrub grime away
  9. Deodorize car; sprinkle and vacuum, or place in a small dish under the seat
  10. Deodorize pet beds. Sprinkle and vacuum away
  11. Polish silverware; a little hot water with a soft cloth and rub
  12. Remove crayon from wall; make paste with soft cloth rub away
  13. Polish a tea kettle; make a paste and rub on the body with a soft cloth rinse.
  14. Greasy appliances; sprinkle on and scrub with sponge
  15. Deodorize garbage pails
  16. Deodorize green bins
  17. Deodorize recycling bins
  18. Clean tiles by making a paste and scrubbing with a brush
  19. Dishwashers; pour ¼ cup into dispenser and run empty dishwasher
  20. Hairbrush; soak in 1/4cup warm water
  21. Room refresher; place little bowls under chairs and behind tvs
  22. Remove scuffs from floors
  23. Deodorize gym shoes
  24. Deodorize hockey bags
  25. Refresh dish cloths; soak in hot water with 2 tbsp.
  26. Clean counter tops; sprinkle and wipe away with cloth
  27. Remove toilet rings; sprinkle and scrub with a toilet brush
  28. Clean your fridge; make a paste to scrub tough stains and buildups
  29. Plain Jane can be used to wash camping dishes
  30. Refresh wet diaper bag with a sprinkle
  31. Refresh wet menses bag with a sprinkle
  32. Hide a small dish behind your toilets for a fresh potty
  33. Sprinkle on mattress and vacuum to kill mites
  34. Clean salt of Boots; make a paste with warm water or vinegar on a soft cloth and rub out
  35. Polish white shoes; make a paste and rub out spots
  36. Clean training potty with a sprinkle and a scrub
  37. Clean pet stains; sprinkle and dab with hot water and sponge. Pat dry with towel
  38. Greasy hair; sprinkle into your hands, run through hair, blow-dry upside down to remove excess
  39. Bee stings; make a paste and apply to area
  40. Dry shampoo for pets in cold weather
  41. Copper pots; lemon juice and a sprinkle
  42. Use it to clean battery terminals
  43. Rubber gloves a tight fit? Sprinkle some inside the glove.
  44. Put out a small grease fire on the stove
  45. Remove pencil from walls
  46. Remove pen ink from walls
  47. Pamper your feet; 3 tbsp. In a soaker
  48. Greasy dishes; add 2 tbsp. to soapy dish water
  49. Refresh outdoor cushions with a sprinkle
  50. Clean patio furniture by making a paste
  51. Microwaves; make a paste and with a cloth scrub away
  52. Clean ovens sprinkle in oven and spritz water , let sit and then scrub
  53. Weeds in your walkway; sprinkle in the cracks
  54. Clean furniture by sprinkling on a damp sponge and gently wiping stains away
  55. Shower curtains; sprinkle on and rinse clean
  56. Deodorize your fridge with a small bowl. Replenish every 3-4wks
  57. Sprinkle on sports gear to refresh
  58. Deodorize kitty boxes with a sprinkle
  59. Refresh closets with a small bowl in a corner or on top shelf
  60. Stuff animals getting grimy; sprinkle and let sit 15mins before giving a good brush off
  61. Freshen a fire place by sprinkling or placing a bowl on the mantle
  62. Deodorize wood cutting boards by sprinkle, scrub and rinse
  63. Add a teaspoon to vases to keep flowers longer
  64. Deodorize lunch boxes with a sprinkle
  65. Clean your produce with a sprinkle and water to wash pesticides away
  66. Keep ants out! Sprinkle where they enter the room
  67. Chicken pox; use a cup (Plain Jane) in warm bathwater
  68. Softer skin; use a cup in warm bathwater
  69. Stinky garlic hands; rub some between your hands
  70. Poison ivy; apply powder or a paste
  71. Freshen your breath by gargling a tsp (Plain Jane) with warm water
  72. Relieve Canker sores by gargling a tsp (Plain Jane) with warm water
  73. Jellyfish sting; make a paste apply
  74. Soak a cloth and wash across windshield to repel rain
  75. Put under sinks and stairs to repel cockroaches
  76. Sprinkle around flower beds to deter rabbits
  77. Remove fish smell by soaking fillets in 2tbsp plain jane and water for an hour
  78. Add a few tsps. to a spritzer to help clean showers
  79. Make a spritzer with to clean mirrors
  80. Make a paste to clean chrome
  81. Make a paste to clean stainless steel
  82. soak combs to clean them
  83. 3 tbsps. to a quart of water to wash marble topped furniture
  84. Absorb into a damp sponge to clean formica
  85. Soak thermos with a tbsp. overnight.
  86. Clean your coffeemaker by pouring 3cups water with 2 tbsp. diluted Plain Jane
  87. Bbqs; sprinkle and hose off
  88. Removed burnt food from pans by soaking in plain jane
  89. Clean ashtrays
  90. Clean canvas bags with a paste and a soft brush
  91. Clean retainers with Plain Jane
  92. Clean dentures with Plain Jane
  93. Unclog gas stoves
  94. Treat poison sumac; 1 cup in bathwater
  95. Treat measles; 1 cup in bathwater
  96. Microwave; bring to a boil inside 2 cups water 3 tbsp. shaker bon bon
  97. Remove a splinter by applying a paste and putting a band aid over top. Let sit
  98. Soak smelly sponges in 3 tbsp. and a quart of warm water
  99. Mop floors with a bucket of warm water and ½ cup shaker bon bon
  100. Soak baby toys in warm water and Plain Jane
  101. Treat dandruff by using as a dry scrub to remove flakes


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