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Fed up with misleading ingredients and questionable fragrances, our founder created a truly unique formula based on the concept of using old fashion ingredients for modern needs


The Laundry Tarts Inc. was founded by an accomplished Holistic Nutritionist, an avid Natural Product Advisor and mom. With her extensive background in natural health products, nutraceuticals and beauty care, our founder felt the only way to really understand and control what is being applied on her family’s delicate skin is to make it herself. Armed with a cheese grater and artisan made soap, she took on challenge of putting a fun new spin cycle on natural laundry products.

The Laundry Tarts products are hypoallergenic; making it suitable as a baby detergent, safe for sensitive skin and cloth diaper laundering. All of our ingredients are biodegradable, completely vegan, free of phosphates, phthalates, parabens, SLS and chlorine. Using organic oils, fats, plant butters, pure essential oils, herbs, spices, florals and science, each item is  handcrafted to produce uniquely specialized laundry products for you to enjoy every day. Dedicated to our craft, we take great pride in providing the world with bold new products with a fresh perspective on how we clean.