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Natural Deodorants

FYI on B.O


Working in a health food store, I think I heard the following question at least a thousand times:

“I’m switching to a natural deodorant because breast cancer freaks me out, which one works the best?”

At which point I would direct them to the massive deodorant section where they would look up at me like a wide eyed muppet. In the natural health industry, it is challenging for the average green consumer or anyone wanting to incorporate a greener lifestyle. Antiperspirants work one way-paired with propylene glycol, EDTA and aluminum, this penetrates deep into the armpit and stops your glands from sweating. Most commercial antipirspirants contain parabens, fragrance and some have wax, plastic, polymer compounds and food coloring. All these ingredients are so close to one of the lymphatic draining ducts that this is one of the links that explain why breast cancer tumors have traces of these ingredients in them and could very well be the cause of them, researchers say. This is why people are making the switch to cleaner deodorants on top of the not so recent connection to aluminum and Alzheimers.

The first thing you need to know is that in the natural world, there is no such thing as an antipirspirant. Sweating is encouraged actually, as it is a form of detoxing. What natural deodorants do, is try to mask or control the body odor which is caused by different strains of bacteria. Yes, strains! The reason, if you’ve tried many natural deodorants and they don’t work, is that your underarms contain many strains of bacteria. It’s not just one bacteria, and using one deodorant is not going to get rid of it. Often, what happens, is that by using one kind of deodorant, certain strains of bacteria are kept at bay while others grow stronger. This explains the common complaint of natural deodorants working for a few weeks and then not working. It is your arm bacteria, not the product. However, I think I’ve actually tried every single natural deodorant product out there, and, though my top list is small, there are some really good ones.

When I look for ingredient deal breakers-anything paraben you never want near your armpit of all places. This also means fragrance, as unless it specifies only using essential oils, you don’t want estrogens near your pits. I look for natural antibacterials like grapefruit seed extract, vitamin C, vitamin E, liken, baking soda and salts.


Dr. Mist

This is probably the strongest stuff on the market for odor relief. This comes in a spray, which I enjoy using, as I put a few drops of vanilla and lime essential oil and it smells delightful and works all day long. This can also be used for foot odor and as a bathroom spray. This company has come a long way from the creator selling all of their belongings to winning awards and being the top selling deodorant in the natural health industry. Its the top for a reason, and for anyone with really smelly pits, I’d recommend this hands down.

Green Beaver Deororant

I’ve made it no secret that I like this company for thier purity, so it comes to no surprise that they make a very clean and effective deodorant as well. These guys are well on the band wagon using lichen; a natural antibacterial and odor controlling plant. They also use grapefruit extact and aloe vera along with tea tree oil. This is a great one for teens.

Crystal Rock Deodorant

My husband uses this, and has for years. Its the only thing that works for a hard working guy with smelly armpits, as most hard working men and women have. He likes the fact that it lasts so long, and it works. It’s  a very practical and very natural way to be B.O free.

Aubrey Organics Deodorant

In terms of smell, I love this product. It was one of those ones that worked for about four weeks and then my arm bacteria took over. My underarm routine is to apply this first, as I like the smell and the smell is 100% natural essential oils, and then I do a spritz of dr. Mist. I don’t do this every day, as it would be rediculous to use two deodorants, but if I know I’m going to be especially smelly that day in the sun or sports I do both, or alternate. Because this is a light one, it’s great for preteens or people who do not have strong body odor.

Earth Science

Now, I really like the smell and the effectiveness of this product, however, it has propylene glycol in it, which I am not a fan of. However, prior to swearing off this ingredient and for those who are not concerned with this ingredient, this is a fast working deodorant that would make it on the lower portion of the list, but regardless, it is on the list because it works.

Happy Fresh pits!

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Posted 4th November 2012 by The Laundry Tarts Inc.

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