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Ingredients: Ambergris, Musk, Bergamot, Clove, Orange Flower Water, Alcohol, Water

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Hair oils and washed are one of the oldest essential hair care products which is still used today. This recipe came from the Toilet de Flora.

This historical hair oil is a rich source of vitamin E. It is known to thicken hair and stop hair from falling out. It also has essential minerals such as magnesium and calcium and high contents of healthy fats which hair needs. It also has Vit D.

These products are created from original historically reproduced recipes carefully researched and lovingly made from the preserved archives of apothecaries, perfumers, ancient herbalists and the curators of medicinal wares as early as the 1300’s. Brought to you by LBCC HISTORICAL PRODUCTS, these ancient elixirs combine the wisdom of the past with the celestial magic of herbal alchemists that defies time.

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