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Deanna is head of our warehouse team and has a yearlong fondness for cinnamon hearts. She is known for her impromptu dancing skills and has mastered the “mom” look feared by all adolescents. By adding a dash of love to every item, you can be sure your order is filled with magic, care and fueled by coffee.



Jess is in charge of curating each product making sure it is tested only on willing humans. Her super powers are finding four leaf clovers and karaoke confidence. Armed with a plucky sense of humor and fondness of the eccentric, Jess loves coming up with new products for your laundry room.



Director of sales, Chris has been on national TV more times than we have numbers selling on QVC, HSN and The Shopping Channel. Don’t let his calm demeanor fool you, he owns several pairs of jeans and has been known to use Jazz Hands



Our IT King has a collection of empty Nutella jars beside his desk proving that the world can indeed be full of sweetness. Teaching both his sons at a young age to do their own laundry, Richard is a progressive husband, father and has been known to order the spiciest hot wings on the menu.



Our Graphic Design team is spearheaded by Michelle, the Danny Tanner of mom’s. Famously organized, creative and driven, her favorite past time is taking names and meal planning. Take that Martha.