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Tumbler Tart Dryer Balls!


Dryer What?!


Wool dryer balls are one of the most economic ways to dry your clothing. With with a long list of laundry benefits, it is no wonder laundry do-ers around the world are making the switch! The potential dangers of commercial dryer sheets are becoming a very hot topic. Often commercial dryer sheets contain some very harsh chemical ingredients linked to central nervous system disorders, cancers, skin and respiratory irritants. While the information becomes increasingly available conscious consumers are seeking healthier alternatives.


Dryer balls are on the rise in popularity; available in all different sizes, weights and materials.  We use 100% Wool from New Zealand; offering a wide range of laws and regulations for the protection and ethical treatment of sheep. Our Tumblers are made with the same wool right down to the core, are hypoallergenic and safe for those with wool sensitivities. There are no added materials or artificial cores in our Tumbler Tarts, just 100% wool meant to absorb water easily and away from your clothing.


Our Tumbler Tart Dryer Balls draw moisture away and absorb (which cuts down on dry time and energy), reducing static and wrinkles, softening naturally without any conventional chemicals or artificial softeners, are PVC free and felted to the core (which means they will not unravel or tangle). Our Tumblers are also noise free which means you can use them anytime of the day at no risk to your machine or your ears.


Each ball is guaranteed to last up to 5 years or over 1000 dryer loads. The fact that they last so long will not only save you money on dryer products every month but are incredibly eco-friendly and will reduce the packaging you would normally consume in 5 years on top of being biodegradable.  Over the span of 5 years using our Tumbler Tarts instead of commercial dryer products, you will have saved over $1000 by eliminating other products not to mention reducing your electricity bill!
Using anywhere from 3-6 balls will maximize the amount of moisture absorbed and static reduction. The more Dryer balls used, the more loft they create and less friction between clothing.  Dryer balls are cloth diaper safe, keeping in mind that when adding fragrances proper directions should be taken into consideration to avoid buildup or misuse.

For those who want a truly sweet load of laundry, our re-scenting kits are available in all our signature essential oil based dessert scents. Available in a 15ml dropper bottle, simply drop fragrance directly on the ball for desired scent.  As always, our fragrances are a blend of essential oils, plant extracts and absolutes free of phthalates and dioxins so you can feel good about what is going on your clothes and out of your laundry vent.

Happy Laundering!

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